Why Lord Vishnu Took Varaha Avatar?

Introduction to Varaha Avatar:

  • Varaha Avatar commemorates the auspicious occasion of Lord Vishnu’s birth in the form of a boar, known as Varaha Avatar, marking his third incarnation.
  • Celebrated with great enthusiasm in South India, Varaha Avatar revolves around the triumph of righteousness over wickedness.
  • Lord Varaha Avatar valiantly vanquished the demon Hiranyaksha, liberating the earth from his malevolent grasp.
  • It is a time of reverence and devotion, as devotees come together to honor Lord Vishnu’s divine manifestation as Varaha Avatar and express gratitude for his benevolent protection.

Significance of Varaha Avatar:

The story of Diti and her sons, Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha, as narrated in the ancient Puranas, is truly captivating. Diti, one of the thirteen wives of the revered sage Kashyapa, was blessed with two formidable demons. These brothers were far from ordinary, as they possessed an extraordinary amount of power and strength. However, their hunger for power was insatiable, and they yearned for even greater might. In their relentless pursuit, they chose to undertake a path of rigorous penance, hoping to win the favor of Lord Brahma, the supreme creator of the entire universe.

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As per the Vishnu Purana, Lord Varaha Avatar emerges as the ultimate protector of our planet, rescuing it from the clutches of chaos caused by the wicked Hirayaksha. During their intense battle, Lord Varaha Avatar cradles the earth between his mighty tusks, ensuring its safety, before gently placing it back in its rightful place above the vast sea. Consequently, devotees firmly believe that worshiping Lord Varaha on this auspicious day brings solace from malevolence and reinstates harmony and righteousness in our world.

The mythology of Varaha Avatar:

However, their insatiable thirst for dominance did not end there. They set their sights on Varuna Nagari, the majestic kingdom ruled by Lord Varuna, the deity of the cosmic waters. Unfazed by the demons’ threats, Lord Varuna warned them of the futility of their actions. He reminded them that Lord Vishnu, the supreme protector of the universe, would never allow their reign of terror to prevail. Enraged by this defiance, Hiranyaksha embarked on a relentless search for Lord Vishnu, eventually encountering him in the form of Lord Varaha. Thus began an epic battle that spanned a thousand years, with Lord Varaha emerging triumphant and restoring harmony to the universe once more.

Rituals Observed on Varaha Avatar:

  • Start the day by purifying the body with a refreshing ritual bath.
  • Perform a sacred pooja to honor Lord Varaha Avatar, who resides in a metal Kalash.
  • Fill the Kalash with water and adorn it with vibrant mango leaves, topped with a coconut.
  • Engage in spiritual reading of the revered Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.
  • After completing the pooja, entrust the Kalash to a Brahmin and fulfill your fast by generously donating clothes and food to the less fortunate, inviting abundant blessings from the Lord.

Scriptural blessings of observing Varaha Jayanthi:

  • Harnesses the power to conquer malevolent forces and repel their influence.
  • Enables the achievement of both material and spiritual aspirations.
  • Cleanses the mind, body, and spirit from previous wrongdoings and harmful energy.
  • Bestows abundant prosperity and the qualities of a great leader.
  • Safeguards against the intrusion of negative energies and promotes positivity.
  • As the auspicious day of Varaha Avatar dawns, devotees rise early, cleanse themselves, and don fresh attire.
  • The divine idol of Lord Varaha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is reverently placed within a sacred metal pot known as a Kalash.
  • The Kalash is then filled with pure water, and vibrant Mango leaves are delicately immersed in it. Atop rests a coconut, symbolizing abundance and prosperity, before it is bestowed upon a Brahmin as a generous offering.
  • To express their utmost devotion to Lord Vishnu, some devotees even arrange for a recitation of the sacred Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.
  • Those who observe a fast on Varaha Avatar are encouraged to extend their compassion towards the less fortunate by donating clothes and money on the eve of this sacred occasion.
  • It is firmly believed that those who observe the fast with unwavering dedication and devotion are blessed by Lord Vishnu himself.

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