Why Lord Vishnu Took Kurma Avatar?

The Kurma Avatar is a powerful ritual that offers protection from negative influences, eliminates obstacles, and corrects Vastu dosha. By performing this homam, you can ward off the malefic effects of Saturn and attain much-needed harmony in your life. Lord Kurma Avatar, the divine turtle, safeguards you from the burdensome debts of past actions and helps you overcome fierce competition.

Additionally, this homam provides the necessary means to embark on a successful new project. If you have pledged your jewels or mortgaged properties, worshipping Lord Kurma Avatar can aid in their recovery. It also facilitates the retrieval of pending dues and the safe return of jewelry lent to others. This homam promotes wealth and abundance in all aspects of life, including acquiring a beautiful home, land, and valuable properties.

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It empowers you to emerge victorious in both personal and professional endeavors. If you seek the best outcomes based on your karma, then the Kurma Avatar Homam is the ideal choice. Moreover, it brings stability to your life as Lord Kurma Avatar uplifts his devotees during times of endless hardships. The rewards of this homam are so fulfilling that they ultimately fulfill all the desires of the devotee.

The Story of Kurma Avatar

In the fascinating tale of KURMA Avatar, Lord Vishnu transforms himself into a magnificent tortoise. This captivating story unfolds with a clash between the gods (devtas) and the demons (asuras). During an intense battle, the gods find themselves suddenly stripped of their strength due to a curse from the hot-headed sage Durvasa. The sage had once gifted a garland of flowers to Indra, the king of gods, who carelessly passed it on to his elephant, resulting in the garland being trampled.

Seeking assistance, the Devtas turn to Vishnu for help. Vishnu advises them to churn the ocean of milk by adding medicinal herbs to it. He suggests using Mt Mandara as the churning stick and proposes that they seek the help of the Asuras in lifting the mountain, promising them a share of the nectar of immortality that would be obtained from the churning.

Both the devatas and the asuras join forces to churn the ocean, using the serpent Vasuki as the rope. At the beginning, Indra, the king of gods, cunningly requests the asuras to hold the head end of Vasuki. However, the asuras, sensing foul play, take the head end, unknowingly subjecting themselves to the slow weakening effects of the poison within Vasuki.

As the churning progresses, the mountain begins to sink, prompting Lord Vishnu to assume the form of the tortoise KURMA Avatar and keep the mountain afloat. Once the bowl of amrita, the nectar of immortality, emerges, the asuras swiftly seize it. In a clever twist, Lord Vishnu transforms into an apsara, a stunning maiden, and entices the asuras into allowing her to distribute the nectar as she pleases. However, as soon as the devatas are served, the maiden vanishes, leaving the asuras completely deceived and utterly weakened.

Benefits of Worshipping Kurma Avatar

  • Facilitates the resolution of various forms of competition and conflict.
  • Eradicates hindrances and hardships from one’s existence.
  • Eliminates the burdens caused by financial obligations.
  • Mitigates the negative influence of Saturn in one’s astrological chart.
  • Puts an end to wrongdoings committed in both past and present lives.
  • Augments affluence, achievements, and overall well-being.
  • Bestows unique blessings from Lord Vishnu.
  • Assists in the cessation of all kinds of rivalries.
  • Erases the sufferings and challenges encountered in life.
  • Relieves the distress caused by debts.

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