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Suki Waterhouse’s popularity has been on the rise due to her outstanding performance in the widely acclaimed TV series, Daisy Jones & the Six. This show, which is based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel, follows the journey of a fictional band and unveils their story decades later. Prior to joining the cast of this show, Suki Waterhouse’s had already been refining her acting skills for several years, having appeared in films such as Love, Rosie and Insurgent alongside her current co-star Sam Claflin. With her exceptional success in Daisy Jones & the Six, it is evident that there are endless possibilities for this talented model-turned-actress.

10. Charlie Says (2018)

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 59%

Charlie Says (2018)

The movie Charlie Says delves into various time periods, with a primary focus on three women: Leslie Van Houten (portrayed by Hannah Murray), Patricia Krenwinkel (played by Sosie Bacon), and Susan Atkins (portrayed by Marianne Rendón). These women, years after committing murders for the infamous cult leader Charles Manson (played by Matt Smith), are the central characters. Their paths cross with Karlene Faith (played by Merritt Wever), a graduate student who aims to rehabilitate them and free them from the influence of Charles Manson.

Suki Waterhouse takes on the role of Mary Brunner in the film. Mary Brunner is recognized as Manson’s first follower and the mother of his child. Although Suki Waterhouse Movies And TV Shows did not face imprisonment for any of the Manson murders, Suki Waterhouse Movies And TV Shows did serve time for credit card fraud and was eventually apprehended alongside other followers, receiving a six-year sentence. Waterhouse delivers an impressive performance in this dark role, but it is Matt Smith who truly captivates as the haunting and unhinged Manson. For fans of Matt Smith, his latest show, House of the Dragon, is a must-watch Movie.

9. Jonathan (2018)

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 61%

jonathan (2018)

In the movie Jonathan, accused rapist Ansel Elgort portrays two characters named John and Jonathan, who share the same body but exist at different times. As they start making independent decisions without considering each other, conflicts arise, leading to a battle for dominance within their shared vessel. Dr. Mina Nariman, portrayed by Patricia Clarkson, becomes involved in their struggle.

A significant source of conflict arises when one of the brothers, John or Jonathan, begins dating a girl named Elena, played by Suki Waterhouse. This relationship becomes a focal point of their rivalry, with one brother attempting to sabotage the other’s connection with Elena and potentially even pursuing her for himself. As the story progresses, Dr. Nariman will face the challenging task of determining how to address their ongoing conflicts and impulsive choices.

8. Creation Stories (2021)

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 61%

Creation Stories (2021)

Based on the written autobiography by Dean Cavanagh and Irvine Welsh, Creation Stories narrates the journey of Alan McGee (Ewen Bremner) and his immersion into the realm of British rock music in 1990s Glasgow. It is widely recognized that McGee played a pivotal role in co-founding the renowned Creation Records label, and the movie delves into the origins of this endeavor and the label’s profound influence on the British post-punk music scene.

7. Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 68%

Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

The plot of Pokémon Detective Pikachu revolves around the disappearance of Tim Goodman’s father, Harry. In his search for answers, Tim teams up with his father’s partner, Detective Pikachu. Together, they embark on a thrilling adventure to uncover the truth behind Harry’s vanishing. Along the way, they are joined by other characters, and together they embark on an extraordinary journey to solve the mystery.

One of these characters is Ms. Norman, portrayed by Suki Waterhouse, who serves as the bodyguard of Howard Clifford, the founder of Clifford Industries and the creator of Rhyme City. Interestingly, Ms. Norman is revealed to be a Ditto in disguise, adding an exciting twist to the story. Fans of the Pokémon franchise will undoubtedly enjoy the film’s numerous references to the beloved series, as well as the impressive ensemble cast.

6. Into the Dark (2018-2021)

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 70%

Into the Dark (2018-2021)

The television series “Into the Dark” consists of a collection of horror films, each centered around a major holiday. Despite having different casts and directors, all the films share a common theme of holidays. In Season 1, Episode 4, titled “New Year, New You,” Suki Waterhouse takes on a leading role. This particular installment revolves around a group of childhood friends who reunite, only to discover that one of them seeks revenge against another. As expected, the events that unfold on New Year’s Eve take a dark and disastrous turn.

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Suki Waterhouse at All Things Go Music Festival 2023

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  • To Love.
  • Johanna.
  • OD.
  • Nostalgia.
  • Brutally

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