Rainbow Bridge Accident Today: 02 Died Inside The Car!

Rainbow Bridge : A car traveling at high speed crashed and burst into flames on the bridge connecting New York state and Ontario at Niagra Falls on Wednesday. The accident resulted in the death of two people in the car and caused a security scare that led to the closure of four US-Canada border crossings.

Rainbow Bridge Accident

According to SoftSpoker, a video of the incident has been circulating on the internet. SoftSpoker team reported that the footage shows the car hitting a curb and a guardrail, causing it to become airborne and land in a secondary screening area. The driver and his wife were reportedly on their way to a KISS concert in Canada, but when it was canceled, they decided to go to a casino in the US instead. The crash occurred after they left the casino.

See the video here:

The concerns of a possible terror attack were raised after the crash, but New York Gov. Kathy Hochul assured Americans and New Yorkers that there was no indication of such an attack. US Attorney Trini Ross also confirmed that their preliminary investigation showed no terrorism connection.

The FBI’s investigation at the Rainbow Bridge scene found no explosive materials or terrorism nexus. President Joe Biden was briefed on the situation and is closely monitoring developments, according to the White House. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the parliament, emphasizing the gravity of the situation at hand.

The occurrence took place just before the Thanksgiving holiday, a time when countless Americans embarked on their journeys by road and air.
Rainbow Bridge, a vital link between Canada and the United States, boasts 16 vehicle lanes and typically operates 24/7, as stated by US Customs and Border Protection.

US Customs and Border Protection has confirmed that Rainbow Bridge, which typically operates 24/7 and has 16 vehicle lanes, is currently facing a serious situation.

is rainbow bridge open today?

United States law enforcement officials are still investigating the events that caused the incident at the Rainbow Bridge. As a result, the Rainbow Bridge and other border crossings in Niagara were closed. However, the US officials are now working on reopening the Peace Bridge (Fort Erie, ON. / Buffalo NY.), The Whirlpool Bridge (Niagara Falls, ON. / Niagara Falls, NY.), and the Queenston – Lewiston Bridge (Niagara on the Lake ON. / Lewiston NY.).

rainbow bridge open today

SoftSpoker team do not have a specific timeline for when the Rainbow Bridge (Niagara Falls, ON. / Niagara Falls, NY.) will be reopened. We are closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates as soon as we have more information. Rest assured, there is no known threat on the Canadian side of the Niagara border.

If you need further information, we recommend reaching out to the Canada Border Services Agency or US law enforcement officials. The Niagara Regional Police Service has had minimal involvement in this incident. Please note that the closure of the Rainbow Bridge is due to an incident on the American side, which has resulted in its temporary closure. The Rainbow Bridge connects the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario, to the City of Niagara Falls, N.Y.

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As a safety measure following the Rainbow Bridge incident, all the border bridges in Niagara have been shut down. This will result in the closure of roads near the bridges and heavy traffic congestion on Niagara’s highways and possibly city/town roads. Please note that the 405 Hwy, which is the route to the Lewiston–Queenston Bridge, is also closed.

We want to assure you that we are keeping a close eye on the situation. As of now, there is no known danger on the Canadian side.

is the rainbow bridge closed?

SoftSpoker sources informed investigators that a suitcase or briefcase was discovered at the scene. As a precautionary measure, they treated it as a potential explosive device earlier in the day, and the bomb squad took charge of handling the package.

In the aftermath of the incident, Hochul confirmed the closure of the Rainbow Bridge. However, later in the evening, the Peace, Queenston-Lewiston, and Whirlpool-Rapids Bridges in Canada reopened to traffic in both directions. These bridges had been closed earlier due to authorities exercising an abundance of caution.

is the rainbow bridge closed

As events continued to develop, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport announced its plans to enhance security by implementing car inspections and conducting extra screenings for passengers.

Amidst the unfolding situation, the White House confirmed that President Joe Biden had been briefed on the explosion.

On Wednesday afternoon, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the nation’s parliament, informing them that authorities were actively investigating the incident.

Rainbow Bridge Accident

Trudeau emphasized the seriousness of the matter, stating, “We are treating this with utmost importance. We are diligently pursuing answers as quickly as we can… Furthermore, we are considering and implementing additional measures at all border crossings throughout the country.”

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City assured that he was closely monitoring the situation. He mentioned that the NYPD had already taken steps to strengthen security measures for Thanksgiving. As a result, people can expect to see heightened security at various locations throughout the city, including entry and exit points.

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