Participation Lineup For Glastonbury Festival 2024

Glastonbury 2024 tickets are set to go on sale today, sparking excitement and speculation about who will headline the Glastonbury festival next year.

In the previous year, approximately 2.5 million individuals attempted to obtain tickets for the Worthy Farm event in Somerset, but only 210,000 were available. The Glastonbury festival organizers have stated that the demand for the 2024 Glastonbury festival exceeded the supply, and tickets and coach packages were sold out in 25 minutes on November 2nd.

This year’s ticket sale was postponed by two weeks to be fair to customers who were unaware that their registration had expired. The cost of tickets for 2024 has risen to £355 (plus a £5 booking fee) from £335 for the 2023 event. Glastonbury Festival-goers must pay a £75 deposit, and the balance is due by the first week of April. The world-renowned music festival, which features over 3,000 performances, will take place from June 26th to June 30th.

While the full lineup won’t be revealed until May, music fans can’t help but wonder who will take the coveted spot on the Pyramid Stage. In a recent podcast, Glastonbury co-organiser Emily Eavis hinted at a potential “really big American artist” that she hopes will headline. It seems like the Glastonbury festival organizers are keeping us on our toes this year, waiting a bit longer to finalize their lineup.

Let’s take a look at some of the other rumours doing the rounds:

1. madonna at Glastonbury Festival

Madona at Glastonbury Festival

Madonna has yet to grace the stage at Worthy Farm, but her illustrious career spanning more than four decades and her undeniable status as one of the most iconic pop artists of all time leave no room for doubt about her credentials.

Eavis has dropped hints that the upcoming Glastunbory festival might feature two female headliners, along with another remarkable artist in the Legend Slot. This decision comes as a response to the intense backlash received for the all-male lineup in 2023.

2.taylor swift at Glastonbury Festival

Taylor swift at Glastonbury Festival

The news spread like wildfire that Swift, the famous pop star, had to cancel her headline performance in 2023 due to her busy touring schedule. However, much to the disappointment of her fans, she had already confirmed her final Dublin show on 28 June, coinciding with the Friday night at Glastonbury. Apologies, Swifties!

3. coldplay at Glastonbury Festival

coldplay at Glastonbury Festival

The British pop-rock band has already headlined Glastonbury five times, but that doesn’t mean organizers wouldn’t consider booking them again. They are scheduled to tour Europe during the summer, but coincidentally, they have a gap in their schedule around the same time the Glastonbury festival will be held.

4. beyonce at Glastonbury Festival

beyonce at Glastonbury Festival

The Lemonade performer had an incredibly triumphant tour with Rennaissance, which was in support of her album of the same name. The fans were thrilled and the reviews were outstanding. It’s been quite a while since she last headlined in 2011, so it’s high time for her to make a comeback at Worthy Farm.

5. rihanna at Glastonbury Festival
rihanna at Glastonbury Festival

Although the possibility of it happening is close to none, fans still can’t resist the urge to daydream about a Rihanna performance at Glastonbury 2024. Unfortunately, since her last album ANTI in 2016, it seems like her focus has shifted towards her Fenty brand and personal life with A$AP Rocky, leaving little room for new music. So, it’s best not to get your hopes up too high.

6. foo fighters at Glastonbury Festival
foo fighters at Glastonbury Festival

In the upcoming year, there is a possibility of Foo Fighters returning to Worthy Farm after their unexpected performance in 2023 as the enigmatic band, The ChurnUps. This anticipated return follows the release of their newest album, titled “But Here We Are.” It’s worth mentioning that the band’s frontman, Dave Grohl, is a devoted fan of Glasto, having performed with Foo Fighters in 1998 and 2017. Additionally, he made a special appearance alongside Bruce Springsteen during Paul McCartney’s memorable Pyramid Stage performance in 2022.

7. dua lipa at Glastonbury Festival
dua lipa at Glastonbury Festival

The upcoming release of her next single, “Houdini,” has just been announced by the popular British-Albanian pop star. This exciting news comes after the successful launch of her second album, Future Nostalgia, in 2020, and her contribution to the hit soundtrack of the Barbie movie. Many fans were disappointed when she didn’t make a surprise appearance during Elton John’s headline performance this year. However, perhaps her own headline set will make up for it and bring joy to her devoted fans.

8. Liam gallagher

Will next year be the perfect time for a Glastonbury crowd singalong or even a reunion? The lead singer of Oasis is all set to embark on a tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their legendary album, Definitely Maybe.

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