Moto G04 Launch Date: Price, Specifications, Review & More

Motorola’s G range of smartphones has gained immense popularity in India due to its competitive pricing and exceptional quality. The near-stock Android software on Motorola Moto G04 devices has made them a top choice for users seeking both performance and user-friendly experience, along with timely software updates.

Although there are some notable differences between the Moto G04 and its predecessors in the G range, the dissimilarities between the Moto G04 and G04 Plus are minimal. Both phones share the same size, weight, and overall feel, making it challenging to tell them apart. The Moto G04 comes bundled with a quick charge-capable charger in the package.


While it’s not the same as the 25W unit included with the Moto G4 Plus, this charger offers a power output of up to 14.4W. It is worth noting that the charger is modular, consisting of a separate wall charger and USB cable. This eliminates the need for an additional cable for data transfers, which is required for the G4 Plus. Additionally, earphones are also included in the box, although they may not meet everyone’s expectations.

Moto G04 expected price

Motorola took a slight turn and introduced two variations of the G4: the Moto G04 Plus (Review) priced at Rs. 13,499 and the Moto G04 priced at Rs. 12,499. While the G4 Plus boasts a few extra features and comes in two different storage and memory options, the Moto G04 is the more budget-friendly and simpler choice. Discover whether the disparity in price is warranted as we delve into our review of the more economical alternative.

Moto G04 feature and specs

  • The layout of the phone remains unchanged, with the power and volume keys on the right side, a Micro-USB port at the bottom, and a 3.5mm socket at the top.
  • The back panel of the phone is made of plastic and can be removed, revealing two SIM slots and a microSD slot underneath.
  • The battery is visible under the back cover but cannot be replaced by the user.
  • The power and volume keys feel somewhat cheap and shaky, making them a bit difficult to press.
  • The Moto G04 features a 5.5-inch full-HD IPS LCD screen, covering 71.2 percent of the front of the phone.
Moto G04 feature and specs
Image Source: Google
  • The screen is bright, with decent colors and good sunlight legibility.
  • -With Gorilla Glass 3 shielding it from scratches and accidental damage, this device ensures durability and peace of mind. The screen boasts an impressive density of 401ppi, resulting in sharp visuals that make it a standout choice in its price range.
  • The Moto G04 shares many similarities with its counterpart, the G4 Plus, but there are a couple of notable differences. Firstly, the absence of a fingerprint sensor sets it apart, catering to those who prioritize other features. Additionally, the camera sensors on the G4 differ from the G4 Plus, offering users a unique photography experience.

Moto G04 Color Variants

The G4 came in a variety of stylish options to suit every taste. You could choose between sleek black or pristine white-colored versions, each offering a unique touch to match your personal style. And if you wanted to take it a step further, MotoMaker allowed you to customize the rear-cover and accent-colors, giving you the freedom to create a phone that truly reflected your individuality.

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