Major Predictions of Bhavishya Malika 2024


  1. One of the most hurtful and major Predictions of Bhavishya Malika is, that God would be forgotten and even mocked, while the remaining faithful would face ridicule.
  2. The value of respecting elders and teachers is also a Major Predictions of Bhavishya Malika that respect would fade away, as deceitful individuals would masquerade as religious leaders and manipulate the masses with their persuasive speeches.
  3. The importance of honoring parents would be disregarded, as people would become overly attached to their spouses.

Kalyug End Is Near! Bhavishya Malika Unveiled Some Breathtaking Prediction For 2024

Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das- Breathtaking Major Predictions of 2024!

  1. The essence of tradition would be lost, and the wisdom of ancient teachings would be disregarded.
  2. Another Major Prediction of Bhavishya Malika is dishonesty and crime would become lucrative professions, with criminals openly brandishing deadly weapons. Those involved in widespread corruption would face public shame and exposure.
  3. Modesty would be abandoned by both men and women, leading to the emergence of forbidden connections.
  4. The youth would fall into the trap of sexual addiction, even resulting in the birth of offspring.
  5. Within families and relatives, incestuous relationships would spread uncontrollably.
  6. Individuals of the same gender would find solace in each other’s presence, while sexual crimes and disputes would become prevalent.
  7. The Sun’s kindness would fade away, unleashing a wrathful rain of fire upon humanity.
  8. The winds would wreak havoc, instilling fear in the hearts of people as they hear the eerie hissing sound. (Cyclones?)
  9. One more Major Prediction of Bhavishya Malika is that The farmers’ profession would be forsaken as rainfall fails them, leaving them in despair. (Happening)
  10. Mysterious illnesses would emerge, causing epidemics to spread, leaving doctors puzzled and claiming numerous lives. The burden of cremating bodies would become overwhelming, leading to the unsettling sight of decaying corpses within homes, attracting predators. Inner tranquility would be shattered, and to everyone’s surprise, the medicines would worsen the epidemics instead of bringing them under control.
  1. The forest would be abandoned by wild animals and snakes, as they venture into villages and homes, causing chaos and fear.
  2. There’s a Positive and Major Prediction of Bhavishya Malika is, a grand National Highway leading directly to Puri would be constructed, providing convenient access for travelers from all corners of the country.
  3. Another heart-breaking and Major Prediction of Bhavishya Malika is that, temple would witness a series of unsettling events. Stones would mysteriously fall from its structure, while the temple flag would repeatedly topple. The innermost sanctum would witness an eerie sight of blood. Furthermore, the cloth covering the Trinity would unexpectedly catch fire, adding to the sense of unease. The temple ceremonies would be marred by mismanagement, leaving devotees bewildered.
  4. The final ruler of Odisha would be an extraordinary figure, known as the “Balaka Brudhha” – an aged child, symbolizing the unique and unexpected nature of their reign.
  5. Gajapati Maharaj, a renowned name, would ascend to the throne as the last King of Puri, leaving a lasting legacy in the history of the region, another positive Major Prediction of Bhavishya Malika
  6. In the final days of India’s monarchy, a strong Hindu ruler would emerge as the last King, symbolizing the deep-rooted traditions and beliefs of the nation.
  7. As the end draws near, Major Predictions of Bhavishya Malika predicted that the people would endure a multitude of hardships. Inflation would soar, making basic necessities unaffordable. Food scarcity would plague the population, leading to widespread hunger. Diseases would spread rapidly, adding to the suffering. Mishaps and accidents would become more frequent, further exacerbating the already dire situation. To make matters worse, the burden of increased taxes would push the people to their breaking point, sparking rebellions against the governments.
  8. Recent events during the Nabakalebara festival and its aftermath have tarnished the reputation of Lord Jagannath. The Major Predictions of Bhavishya Malika take on added significance, the once revered deity has been subjected to malicious acts, causing great distress among the devotees and casting a shadow over the sanctity of the festival.

These are the some Major Predictions of Bhavishya Malika which indicates about the future happenings of the world.

There are more Major Predictions of Bhavishya Malika like World War III will take place between 2024-2029. All these Major Predictions of Bhavishya Malika include both positive and negative terms related to the present as well as the future.

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