Kansas City Weather Today – Winter Storm 2024

Winter Storm 2024 – The regular season has been a challenging journey for the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins, as they have faced numerous obstacles such as injuries and inconsistent performances. However, their resilience will be put to the test once again as they face a new set of challenges in their wild-card weekend playoff matchup.

Both teams will have to endure the harsh conditions of “dangerously cold temperatures” during Saturday’s night’s NFL playoff game in Kansas City, Missouri. The mercury plummeted well below freezing, with the temperature barely reaching 8 degrees when the game kicked off at 8 p.m. ET.

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Acknowledging the discomfort that comes with extreme cold or winter storm, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel emphasized the importance of temperature control. After all, nobody enjoys being cold, and it’s crucial to find ways to stay warm and focused amidst such frigid conditions.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any temperature control at the open-domed Arrowhead Stadium. Not only are temperatures dropping, but ticket prices have also plummeted to as low as $38 each due to the frigid forecast. Kansas City is bracing itself for a winter storm, with freezing rain predicted. As agencies in the metro area prepare for the extreme cold, it’s important to understand the unique features of freezing rain, sleet, and hail. Freezing rain can lead to hazardous conditions such as icy roads, fallen tree limbs, and potential power outages. Let’s take a closer look at why weather experts are anticipating freezing rain in Kansas City and what precautions to take when it arrives.


When snow falls from the sky, it can turn into freezing rain (winter storm) if it passes through a layer of warm air before reaching the ground. Sleet follows a similar process, but with a slight variation. Both types of precipitation melt in the air and then freeze again when they come into contact with colder temperatures near the ground. However, sleet freezes while it’s still falling, whereas freezing rain or winter storm only freezes after it lands. winter storm can lead to the formation of dangerous icy surfaces on roads and other areas.

winter storm warning today in tennessee

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for Middle Tennessee as freezing temperatures and snow are expected. The watch will be in effect from late Sunday until Tuesday morning, and the freezing temperatures will continue for a couple of days after that. According to NWS Nashville, today is the last day until Thursday that the temperatures will be above freezing, so it’s important to prepare for the dangerous cold. The weather service predicts a minimum of 2 inches of snow across the region, with a chance of some areas receiving more than 4 inches. Due to the sustained freezing temperatures, the snow is not expected to melt until at least Thursday. Stay safe and stay warm!


When faced with freezing rain and stormy weather, it’s crucial for drivers to be extra cautious on the roads. Additionally, it’s advisable to steer clear of walking beneath heavy tree limbs or power lines that may be accumulating ice from the freezing rain. To assist the National Weather Service in monitoring the conditions in your area, you can report any ice accumulation by measuring the thickness of the ice layer and submitting a storm report online. Stay safe and help keep others informed!

Kansas City Weather Today

wind chill warning tennessee

Get ready for a bone-chilling cold spell hitting Middle TN from Saturday night onwards. Brace yourself for a stretch of freezing temperatures that will persist for several days. It won’t be until Thursday when the mercury finally climbs above 32 degrees. To make matters worse, Monday and Tuesday nights will bring wind chills dipping below zero. It’s high time to start your preparations! Stay warm and stay safe!


The National Weather Service has issued a warning about the dangers of freezing rain for drivers. As soon as it touches the road, freezing rain can turn into ice, creating hazardous conditions. With subzero temperatures expected this weekend, drivers in the metro area should exercise extra caution. It’s not just roads that are at risk though; freezing rain can also coat tree limbs and power lines with a layer of ice.
This can lead to limbs breaking under the weight of the solid ice, potentially causing harm to people or property. Additionally, icy power lines can become too heavy and fall or snap, resulting in power outages.

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