Bomb Threat American Dream Mall:

The New Jersey State Police have confirmed that the American Dream mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey, was evacuated on Black Friday following a bomb threat. However, after a thorough investigation by law enforcement, the mall has since reopened. The safety of the public is always a top priority, and the authorities took immediate action to ensure everyone’s well-being.

The state police’s bomb and K-9 units conducted a sweep of the mall for explosive devices, but found nothing. The mall was deemed safe and reopened by 11 a.m, though the investigation is ongoing, according to the agency’s X account.

One of the mall’s retail employees told Bloomberg that she’s been on high alert due to the Israel-Hamas war. She added that she didn’t feel comfortable entering the mall even after law enforcement said it was safe — though she eventually went in.
Bloomberg was informed by her that bills are a common thing for everyone and that it’s important to take threats seriously.

According to Bloomberg, she emphasized that bills are a part of everyone’s life and that it’s crucial to take any threats seriously.

The BI’s request for comment was not immediately answered by the American Dream mall.

what should i do if i get a bomb threat

For the safety of everyone, it is important for employees to adhere to the instructions provided by law enforcement. They should calmly proceed towards the nearest exit and evacuate the building in a cautious manner.

bomb threat in america today

Bomb Threat American Dream Mall

The American Dream, situated in East Rutherford near MetLife Stadium, is a fantastic place for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It boasts indoor amusement parks, a wide variety of restaurants, and over 100 stores, including luxury brands.

However, there was a public safety alert issued by the New Jersey State Police on Friday morning, urging everyone in the mall, including employees, to evacuate. It was a precautionary measure in response to a bomb threat that was reported. The authorities took immediate action and conducted thorough searches with bomb-sniffing dogs, but thankfully, no explosive devices were found.

The police have issued the all-clear signal after approximately one hour, confirming that the situation has been resolved and the mall is now safe. In a statement, the New Jersey State Police assured that they will further investigate the incident, but currently, the mall has been declared secure and will resume its regular operations.

It’s worth noting that even football fans who were planning to tailgate at the nearby MetLife Stadium for the Jets – Dolphins game were also evacuated. However, with the situation resolved, the mall has reopened, and officials assure everyone that they will remain vigilant to ensure everyone’s safety during this holiday season.

best thing to do when getting a bomb threat

Bomb threat American Dream Mall
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It is imperative that individuals take bomb threats seriously, as they may come from a disgruntled customer or an immature adolescent attempting to make a joke. However, even if the likelihood of a bomb threat being legitimate is slim, it should never be disregarded. It is crucial to always treat bomb threats as authentic and take appropriate action. By taking proper precautions and responding promptly, lives can be saved.

Bomb threats can be communicated through various means, such as telephone calls, emails, or written notes. In rare instances, the individual making the threat may do so in person. If you receive a bomb threat, it is essential to remain composed and respond accordingly. The Department of Homeland Security recommends following a straightforward protocol.

A) If the threat was made via the telephone:

  1. Make an effort to engage the caller in conversation for as long as possible. Show politeness and genuine interest to encourage them to keep talking.
  2. Avoid ending the call abruptly. If the caller hangs up, keep the line open on your end.
  3. If possible, use notes or hand signals to get the attention of other staff members. This will allow them to listen in and inform the authorities if necessary.
  4. Take detailed notes about the call, including the caller’s ID, the exact wording of any threats, the caller’s voice characteristics, and any noteworthy behavior or background noises.
  5. If it is within your capability, record the call for future reference.

B) Develop a Plan for Bomb Threats

It is beneficial to establish a protocol that all employees within the premises are aware of. This protocol will aid in responding to potential threats such as suspicious objects and bomb scares in a composed and timely manner, and will minimize the disruption caused by false alarms to your daily operations.

C) Don’t Try to Be A Hero

It’s important to avoid the temptation of being a hero and taking matters into your own hands when dealing with someone making threats or a suspicious package. It’s best to leave it to the authorities who have trained professionals in bomb disposal and handling unstable individuals. An untrained negotiator could potentially worsen the situation, especially if the threat is genuine.

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